Hi! I am Artyom Kulakov –
I help build and integrate Machine Learning into your business.

I have extensive knowledge in all major Deep Learning and Machine Learning topics. I have worked with 50+ clients, who manage small and medium-sized businesses to help them build and integrate ML & DL algorithms into their infrastructure. I can handle a wide variety of tasks from R&D to implementing Apps that utilize ML for the best user experience. I have experience in managing teams of up to 10 people to accomplish client’s needs as fast as possible.

In my spare time, I solve ML competitions and currently I am a Kaggle Competition Master ranking 28th on the Kaggle global leaderboard.

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Machine Learning Research

Do you have a complex Machine Learning R&D task, which you can't just solve with AutoML service? I have been building complex ML models for more than 4 years and I definitely can help with that.

Data Analytics

Do you need to draw a set of conclusions from a complex data set? I have experience in analyzing and understanding large and complex datasets, I can understand the information hidden in the data and present it to you in an easy and understandable way.

Machine Learning model deployment

Do you need to create and deploy a custom Machine Learning model? I have a wast experience deploying ML models into the cloud, I work with Google Cloud, AWS, and Azure.

Web/Mobile app development

Do you need to create a custom user-friendly web/mobile app? I have experience with hiring and managing freelance development teams to build your app from scratch.

Embed ML to Web/Mobile apps

Do you need to add ML algorithms to your existing Web/Mobile solutions or maybe create an app from scratch? I have experience implementing such solutions with Mediapipe/TF Lite/Core ML and other.

Big Data Solutions

Do you have a lot of data, which you don't know how to process? I have experience with Hadoop, Sqoop to process data on large clusters. Moreover, I have experience working with Dask & Spark to perform big data wrangling fast and without any pain.

Check out my GitHub profile!

I post some of my latest open-source projects on GitHub. Please feel free to check them up. All projects contain description and should be easy to understand.

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